Guaranteed Free Training
Basic Skills Training for New Hires
Do You Qualify?

Allegheny Valley Institute of Technology is an authorized subcontractor able to access and offer Guaranteed Free Training through WEDnetPA, a $21.5 million workforce training grant awarded by the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). 

To be eligible for the WEDnetPA grant, employers and their employees must meet the following set of qualifications as required by DCED: 

Employers seeking Guaranteed Free Training funds must:

Employers must verify that employees participating in the training:

          be based in Pennsylvania or maintain a significant presence in the state

          be a manufacturing and/or technology-based business, to include Environmental and Bio Technology-based businesses

q       government, education, non-profit entities, and point of sale retail organizations are not eligible

          earn at least 150% of the minimum wage, excluding benefits

          work full-time and are permanently employed

          are verifiable residents of Pennsylvania and are employed in Pennsylvania

          are front-line employees or first level supervisors (can be both new hires and incumbent workers)

Eligible training activities as set forth by DCED will be those that improve the skill level of employees through the introduction of basic and entry-level work skills required to be successful in various jobs.  Possible topics include: 

          Communication and Teamwork

          Workplace Behavior Skills

          Applied Mathematics and Measurement

          Manufacturing Fundamentals

          Workplace Health and Safety

            - Welding, Soldering

          Problem Solving

            - Tooling, Grinding

          Business Operations

            - Setup


          Quality Assurance

          Product and Process Control

- Machine Maintenance

- Blueprint Reading

 This grant will provide up to $450 reimbursement per qualified employee!


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