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Home Phone: (     )   _______________________  Social Security Number  ____________________

Work Phone (if applicable):  (     )  _________________________ 

Date of Birth:  _____________  Sex:  Male  Female

U. S. Citizen   Yes  No   If no, country of citizenship:  __________________

Ethnic Origin:  _______________ (Voluntary)

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Program of Study applying for:: __________________________________________  

Educational Background of Student

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Type of School


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Date Joined


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Academic Achievements:

High School Diploma?  Yes  No   If no, please provide GED Score:___________

References of at least three individuals who can validate your interest in computer technology:

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I certify that all information contained in this application is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that withholding and/or giving false information on this application may make me ineligible for admission or later subject to dismissal. If admitted to the Allegheny Valley Institute of Technology®, I agree to abide in accordance with the regulations of the institution as explained in the School Catalog and Student Guide. 

Applicant Signature _____________________________   * Application Fee Enclosed 

Date:  _____________________________

Parent’s Signature and accompanying information is required if the applicant is less than 18 years of age:                                                

Parent Signature _____________________________   Date: _____________

Address: _____________________________


Phone Number: _____________________________            

*An Application Fee of $35 must be submitted with this application.  If you mail this application, enclose a check or money order made payable to the Allegheny Valley Institute of Technology and send it to the Admissions Office.  The entire fee will be refunded if the applicant is found to be ineligible or not acceptable for admission.  This fee is not refundable after five calendar days have elapsed. The Allegheny Valley Institute of Technology reserves the right to accept or reject any applicant.

Please return Application Form to:

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Attention: Admissions

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